6.8.2019 – Jouni Virtanen collect his best-ever result from World Rally Championship series from Rally Finland – Flying Finn enjoyed rallying with JanPro Racing Ford Fiesta RS WRC

Finnish Gentlemen driver Jouni Virtanen, age of 48, fullfilled his childhood dream as he competed in WRC Rally Finland with JanPro Racing Ford Fiesta RS WRC. Together with highle experienced co-driver Risto Pietiläinen were able to drive all 23 special stages and measure their skills in 307,58 special stage kilometres. Eventually the duo finished the Gravel Grand Prix in 19th fastest in overall classifications and 9th fastest in group of World Rally Cars.

In fastest World Rally Championship event of the year Virtanen and Pietiläinen competed under command of ex-manufacturer rally driver Janne Tuohino, who runs JanPro Racing. Finns started the event by running smooth special stage times and increased their speed from special stage to another as they discovered the secrets of modern World Rally Car. They secured their best special stage time in final day at iconic rollercoaster special stage Ruuhimäki as they also learned to fly with World Rally Car.

In third special stage they were slowed down by hydraulic transmission failure which eventually was a sensor failure. Despite small technical failure Virtanen was able to drive a trouble-free event and therefore he was satisfied for the result and reaching his goals which were to enjoy the home World Rally with modern World Rally Car and finishing the event in a top-10 result.

– In WRC Rally Finland I was the only so called Gentlemen driver who competed with World Rally Car. Therefore my goals were set to have lots of fun and enjoyment as I knew that I didn’t have any match against Manufacurer Rally Drivers. I and my co-driver Risto Pietiläinen had a thrilling week as JanPro Racing drivers and I’m very happy as we accomplished our goals. Furthermore as our sponsors and partners got lots of vicibility I’m more than happy for my 11th WRC Rally Finland in-a-row, Virtanen tells.

– JanPro Racing congratulates Jouni Virtanen for having a wise drive in WRC Rally Finland which delivered him his best-ever Rally Finland overall result and 9th position in group of WRC-professional drivers. During the rally we had only one small sensor failure which gave us and Jouni small setback in third special stage. However after our mechanics discovered the problem and fixed it, Jouni and Risto were able to continue their journey for faster special stage times. Season 2019 edition of Rally Finland was our first-ever World Rally Championship event with a customer and I think we made excellent job as we also demonstrated our package for the drivers who want to compete with modern World Rally Car, team manager Janne Tuohino tells.

WRC Rally Finland was won by estonian Ott Tänak who had a thrilling competition with Finns Esapekka Lappi and Jari-Matti Latvala.

Final results WRC Rally Finland 2019, WRC-group:
1. Ott Tänak & Martin Järveoja, Toyota Yaris WRC, 2:30:40.3
2. Esapekka Lappi & Janne Ferm, Citroën C3 WRC, +25.6sec
3. Jari-Matti Latvala & Miikka Anttila, Toyota Yaris WRC, +33.2sec

9. Jouni Virtanen & Risto Pietiläinen, Ford Fiesta WRC, +27:05.0sec

Rally Finland 2019 tests

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Rally Finland 2019 tests

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Rally Finland 2019

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